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Yard & Garden

We offer a variety of products for the casual home gardener and the full time farmer

Preparing the Soil

Products we offer. Garden soils, potting soils, potting mixes, manure, composts, Organics, soil additives.

Organics and Hydroponic Fertilizers available.

Fertilizers up to 50lb bags.


We offer bulk seed, as well as organic and non Gmo seeds from Botanical Interest, Seed Savers Exchange and Baker Creek Seeds.

Special orders welcome.

We have seed starting trays, growing mixes & more to get your seeds off to a great start.

Vegetable & Fruits

Every Spring we stock Peach Trees, Apple Trees, Blueberry, Grape, Mulberry, Goji, Banana and more.

We carry Bonnie Plants starter vegetables, annuals and herbs.

We offer local grown starter vegetables, annual, and herbs.

Special orders welcome.


Tools for success

We have mulches, Garden tools, planters, Decorations, and more to help keep your garden beautiful all year.


We offer perennials flowers, shrubs & trees.

Special orders welcome.
Check out the Plants page for photos of what is currently available.


Garden wild life

We have a variety of bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, squirrel, bird and hummingbird foods.

Upon availability, we offer locally made products.


We also offer deterrents to keep out unwanted critters.

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